Paperecordings / repap newletters from back in the day

Digging through old record crates one weekend in November, I stumbled upon a couple of awesome Paperecordings releases. I remembered their funny newsletters from back in the day. Unfortunately they were all sent to a now long defunct Hotmail account of mine. I figured someone might still have them and investigated. From the Paperecordings Twitter account I learnt that they were written by a certain comedy talent named Anna Greenwood. When I contacted her by email, she wrote me back saying unfortunately she didn’t have any of them:

Thanks for getting in touch and for enjoying the mails! That was a long time ago. Sadly I don’t have any of them, just used to write them and send them out when I was working for paper. Wish I still had them, although I’d probably cringe at them now. They’re probably out there on an internet page far, far away in the galaxy, probably taking up valuable bandwidth. Sorry not to be able to help. If you do ever find them though please let me know. Would love to revisit my juvenile scrawlings.


It seems Anna was right. After a bit more researching I was finally able to track a couple of the newspapers down. They’re still as funny as I remembered. I asked her if she’d mind if I shared them with the world, she said go. So here they are below. If you’d have any other ones, do send them in ( at gmail dot com).


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ensemble 001 - Xosar - Retreat 2 Rapture EP (incl Xan Xoda remix) now for sale via our distributor Rush Hour.

ensemble 001 - Xosar - Retreat 2 Rapture EP (incl Xan Xoda remix) now for sale via our distributor Rush Hour.

Kong for

Kong played at, a newborn platform run by Nosedrip. Be sure to check it out while they are live broadcasting, usually in the evening between 20-23h. Or tune in to the recording of Kong’s show last Thursday.

Podcast 1: Oracy

We present you: our very first ensemble podcast, mixed and curated by Oracy (Mojuba Records, Berlin). He was one of our guests at the latest ensemble party in August and as amazed we were by his dj-set that night, as honored are we that he is showcasing his excellent vision of house music in this podcast. Press play.